Since world did not react on decarbonisation 20 years earlier, now 1.5˚C became the “last chance”.

Even at 1.5˚C, the world will face fatal consequences changing our lives forever. However, to achieve 1.5˚C, we need to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and greener world.

To stop the global warming at 1.5˚C, emissions would need to fall off a cliff, falling by 15 percent a year, starting in 2020, until they hit net zero.

If emissions fail to drop then the 1.5˚C degree carbon budget will be used up within 10 years.

Our Story

Our Story

P2X Energy was founded in Denmark in 2021 and is driven by the vision to make the world a better place – through sustainable renewable energy solutions.

We have the faith in the human race to overcome any challenges through widespread collaboration. We are convinced the carbon neutrality can be achieved by 2050 by using the right mix of technologies underpinned by appropriate policies. A critical part in achieving the carbon neutrality is Power-to-X.

Disappointed by the slow progress in making our world a better home, we have embarked on a journey to enable and facilitate rapid decarbonization by unlocking the potential of Power-to-X.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We are committed to make a real impact. We are committed to walk the talk. We are committed to act.
We want to make the world better and we are especially focused on helping those who need the convertible technologies most to achieve carbon neutrality.

We work with many partners to establish a greater collaborative platform to undertake meaningful renewable project throughout the world and has already ongoing projects in South America, Africa, and Asia.

Our promise is to support you and work with you to reduce the emissions and make this world a better home.

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote prosperity and protect our planet.